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Texas Bells and Whistles

Battery-Electric Amusement Train

and Transportation Manufacturing

The new standard of railroad entertainment for your park, zoo, mall or private estate
Texas Bells and Whistles is the premier manufacturer of
high-performance long-range 24-inch gauge electric
locomotives for railroad entertainment.

We focus on building locomotives that are safe and
simple to operate, pleasing to the eye (and ears and
nose), and dependably productive for your business.

Using advanced battery-electric drive technology
and attractive design, we offer the next standard in
railroad entertainment equipment that is
outstanding in quality, safety, economy and

Precision built with the finest materials and latest
technology, our trains will set your venue apart from the
ordinary and provide your customers the entertainment
they want.

Whether you're buying your first train
or upgrading old outdated equipment,
Texas Bells and Whistles is your best

Put your wasted repair and downtime dollars
to work for you with our advanced electric

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