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The full-sized railroads and transit systems
realized over a century ago what is still true
today, electric motors are the most
effective and efficient drive for
moving heavy loads on rail.

Electric motors have a tremendous amount of
torque and all of that torque is available the
moment they start moving; unlike
internal-combustion engines which have full
torque only when revved to a high RPM.

Why is electric drive such a big deal?



That powerful electric torque is also
smoothly applied so when an electric
locomotive starts to move its wheels, it
gracefully lets go from a stop to ease a
heavy load along without jerking and
slipping. That gives them more tractive
effort which means electric can haul
heavier loads.
Battery technology has advanced tremendously in the last few
decades at an accelerating pace. This allows vehicles today to
carry huge loads of all-day energy in very small and light packages
that 20 years ago was unheard of. And battery prices keep falling
every day.

Using today’s leading battery and A/C motor technology, Texas
Bells and Whistles has created a new standard of electric
amusement trains from the ground up capable of hauling more
passengers than the common internal-combustion locomotive for a
full day's work (or even more) on just ONE charge.



Not only do our locomotives have zero emissions and no
"bulldozer" noise, they are perfect to operate indoors.
Exhaust from combustion engines make them unsafe and
illegal to operate indoors, but with no exhaust and no
need for flammable fuels, our trains can operate indoors
safely and cleanly all-day long.

There’s not even any warm-up needed. Just unplug it,
turn the key, and go. How simple is that?
In a time when the limitations and liabilities of combustion engines are rapidly growing more apparent to customers and employees and becoming more difficult to manage, it is clear that the question will soon be asked:
 "why aren't you running electric trains?"