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What makes our trains the best?

We know trains. We’ve been operating railroad entertainment for almost 20 years so we know what owners want, what operators and shop-hands want, and most importantly what passengers want. The frustrations and difficulties we experienced in our early years are what pushed us to where we are today.

The initial motivation for us to develop our electric locomotive was to eliminate the heat, the noise, and the smell of the engine in our original gasoline-hydraulic locomotive. It was really obnoxious and our passengers didn’t like it either. It was insulting to hear parents tell their kids not to sit close to the engine because “it stinks up there” and it doubly hurt to know they were right. We had constant overheating problems, oil and grime was everywhere, and the controls felt awkward and sloppy.

Sound familiar?

So we set out to create a drive that would outperform any internal combustion system in pulling-power, range, and cost of ownership, and it had to fit in the space we had. Years of research and testing led us through a few imperfect solutions, but each step took us closer to the jewel we have now.

Our drive system today uses a single high horsepower A/C motor/controller combination coupled with a silent direct-connect axle drivebox to provide precise fingertip motion control and allow for full regenerative braking that puts power back into the batteries when braking.

The result is clean, smart, and very powerful.

When the typical amusement train manufacturer shows you their bulky, loud, inauthentic industrial machines trying to masquerade as a steam locomotive and you're disappointed, they may tell you "this is just how it is and how it has to be."

Well..., we're here to tell you:     that is not how it has to be.