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24 inch gauge amusement train locomotive Alamo Train
Positive environmental publicity •	Get great promotion from news and media coverage of your new high-tech, safe, and planet-friendly train(s)  Compatibility •	Adaptable to existing train couplings •	Small loco footprint requires less space for storage •	On-board charger plugs directly into a standard 120-volt outlet (no bulky, expensive power panel and power pick-up required at your station)  Safer •	ASTM-compliant •	Safe for indoor and outdoor operations •	No fire risk from stored or leaking fuel •	Programmable max speed limited, even downgrade •	“Dead-man” controls automatically bring train to a gentle, sustained stop when controls are released (no runaway trains) •	Triple-mode (electric/pneumatic/mechanical) fail-safe braking •	Video monitoring/recording of passenger areas viewable in cab Greater capacity and equipment life Lightweight HSS coaches increase passenger capacity On-board batteries run for entire day(s) on one charge Fewer moving parts and dynamic brakes = less wear   Cleaner operation No fuel to store, transport, restock and clean up No hazardous waste disposal No exhaust emissions No grimy, hot engine compartment No messy, noisy chains and sprockets  Reduced maintenance (time & money) No engine oil changes or transmission rebuilds No refueling No spark plugs, starter, belts, or chains On-train track greaser reduces track and wheel wear No specialized maintenance shops or tools required  Driver comfort and protection Sit-inside cab protects from sun, heat, rain, and cold Large windows provide clear visibility Safe and roomy seating  VIP and Guest Engineer rides INSIDE the locomotive Lower Cost of Ownership •	Save THOUSANDS of dollars each year in eliminated fuel costs •	Affordable to buy, affordable to own •	Electric power can save 97% of fossil fuel costs •	Automatic regen braking charges the batteries (for free!) •	No wasteful station idling •	Reduced maintenance time, supplies, and technician injuries •	Reduced cleaning time •	Reduced start-up and shut-down time •	Greater operating up-time  Better rider experience •	No smell •	No "bulldozer" noise •	No heat •	No exhaust smoke •	Smooth operation •	Real locomotive look, sound, and function •	Latest technology audio entertainment on-board •	On-board track sander prevents stranding in the rain
24 inch gauge amusement train locomotive Longhorn Train