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We've cracked the code on how to build quality, high-tech, affordable commercial passenger
trains. We’ve been operating passenger railroad entertainment for 20 years and we run what we
build so we know what it takes to make a railroad run (and keep running).

We build electric and ONLY electric. We've run all kinds and there is simply no comparison to the
advantages of electric locomotive drive. Through years of R&D, we've developed ultra-energy
battery packs to fit in small spaces so our locomotives can look and operate like the real thing --
not like those grime-covered boxy carricatures with fake wheels, noxious/loud combustion
motors and leaking hydraulics. We've created fully functioning rod drives that handle any track
condition without all the oil and muck. Our proprietary direct-drive powertrain applies
phenominal hauling power to pull record-length trains all day on a single charge while our
detailed finishing and special effects make guests think they're looking at a real steam

Using proven engineering with high-quality materials and leading-edge fabrication techniques,
we build Class 1-quality trains that reliably perform at full-capacity for years beyond the lifetime
of other trains... all with no hazardous fuel, toxic exhaust, scalding heat, or bulldozer noise.

Our 1.5 mile “laboratory” track tests and reveals what components work best, what materials
and finishes are most comfortable and easy to clean, which parts don’t last or where weird
noises and vibration pop up, and we use that data to create the best train ride possible for your
guests and business.

We know what you expect from your train whether it’s day 1 or day 10,000 and we are confident
your Texas Bells and Whistles train will exceed your expectations year after year.

Quality and reliability is our mission.

Innovation is our superpower.

(and being train nerds helps a lot)

What makes our trains the best?