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What sets our trains apart from the rest?

Realistic Form and Function
We've brought realism to the miniature park train.
Whether sitting still in the station or pulling passengers up a hill, you will immediately notice our locomotives authentically look, move, and sound like full-sized 19th-century American steam. Others... not so much.
Performance, Endurance, and Economy
Our goal is to design and build trains that not only look like the real thing, but also outperform and outlast all others with minimal maintenance.
What will you find on our trains?
  • Precision laser-cut and computer-machined parts
  • Balanced drive wheels accurately placed for maximum tractive effort
  • Properly sized leading and trailing trucks for safe tracking, effective steering and support
  • Advanced low-maintenance bearings from around the world for quiet and reliable performance
  • Railroad-standard hardened wheel profiles with properly tapered tread and rounded flanges
  • Fully-sprung suspension
  • Authentic polyphonic steam sounds
  • Silent direct-axle battery-electric drive
  • Powerful A/C-induction motor requiring NO maintenance.
  • Computer-controlled battery packs requiring NO maintenance
  • A full 10-year warranty on all batteries
  • Real brass and durable powder-coat finish
What will you find on other trains?
  • weirdly out of place diesel-style or “homegrown” trucks with thin square-flanged wheels that wear out in the first year
  • locomotive dimensions stretched out of proportion or grossly oversized to fit a filthy combustion engine with leaky hydraulic tanks that block your passengers’ view
  • cramped, awkward seating for your engineers
  • hazardous exhaust
  • noise
  • smell
  • heat
  • grime
  • leaks and spills
  • ongoing maintenance
  • frequent breakdowns
  • frustration
  • early replacement
  • and in the case of other electric locos: very limited range
So if you want a train that will thrill your passengers, tame your operating costs, and last for a generation, you’re in the right place.
Now let’s go choose your locomotive….